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About Us

Ask Directory offers a unique value proposition:

   -  Unique content, each site includes an original review validated for uniqueness with CopyScape.

   -  Links are placed inside the review not on title for optimized SEO where the exact targeted words can be chosen.

   -  Display order is newest added first, so new sites always get a place on the first page.

   -  Optimized Inside linking structure so listings pages get the higher link popularity.

   -  Large thumbshots of webpages for improved user site discovery.

   -  No Adsense or any other form of contextual advertising, listed sites get all the clicks.

   -  No sitewide link selling, for improved link popularity passing for listed sites.

   -  Categories always include authoritative sites for improved cross referencing.

   -  Annual review model to avoid gone bad or broken sites listings.

   -  Backlinks for the directory have a 80% deep link ratio including related links to 3 and 4 level categories.

We are convinced no other directory offers all these quality characteristics combined.

Experts Testimonials:

Chris Hoffman owner of Alive Directory

"Ask Directory is being very well promoted and cared for. It also has some very unique offerings, which make it stand out.
Definitely a recommended site for submissions."

Jeff Behrendt owner of Aviva Directory

"On the crowded market of general directories Ask Directory is managing to achieve a great level of differentiation and even pushing the limits and setting new standards on the directory industry."

Technical Information:


Page Rank (5)

Page Strenght (4.5)

Yahoo! Directory Listings: 25