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Perhaps you are wondering why a section like this in an online directory, bearing in mind that the Internet has no frontiers. However, it is not that hard to understand that we have created this section because the world is something more than this blue sphere that you easily identify every time that someone talks about the universe.

Our good old planet earth is a respectable senior world composed of thousand of years involving development and evolution that in the long run resulted in the planet we live in today. Talking about the origins of our planet is as complicated and extremely long as understanding the Big-Bang theory credited to the Belgian priest Georges Lemaître.

Lemaître was the first to propose in 1927, that our universe began with the explosion of a primeval atom, theory that was later researched and studied by Edwin Hubble, Arno Penzias, and Robert Wilson, study continued today by Stephen Hawking, who associates this theory to the existence of God.

As complicated as it sounds for the novice scientist, understanding our world, a small piece of that universe, is not easy at all. However, all of us know that every nation over the planet earth is the result of a primal civilization that evolved as a result of different historic facts, internal regulations, customs, languages, and many other elements.

The World Wide Web in the 21st century probably has a similitude with the airplanes of the 20th century: they were able to take people from one country to another faster than traveling by land or sea, but such factor did not contribute to change in regional settings and local characteristics.

While the Internet is able to take you from the United Kingdom to China in a matter of seconds, this action does not imply that you will be able to understand Chinese if you have not a previously acquired knowledge. In the same way, a Chinese guy will not understand you without some basic English language education.

Therefore, the need of a World section in a directory like Ask-dir.com is intended to provide people in popular non-English speaking regions with the opportunity to find content in their own language. At the same time, this option is also a useful tool to approach you to different cultures, whether you understand other languages than your mother tongue.

The World category include subcategories with Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese resources, useful for everybody. The Internet is more than a world without frontiers. We live in a globalized world where we share part of our own heritage as citizens of our respective countries and netizens of the cyber world.

Retaking the Big-Bang theory and the origins of both the universe and the planet earth, the World section is a good starting point to understand how other cultures see these concepts.

However, the world is more than understanding evolution of mankind and the concept that each of us have regarding God. It is also a chance to discover fascinating destinations throughout the world.