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Sports – Golf

Golf has been an American sport for many years. When you hear the word golf, you may think of someone like Tiger Woods or you may think of clubs that men and women join to play golf. Golf is not a sport for just men; many pro golfers are women as well. There are some golf courses where you can practice your swing. The practice facility normally has a putting green, bunkers and driving areas. This way you can practice your long drive shots. It also has markers to show the golfer their shots, which can help the golfer to determine if he or she is doing their swing properly.

Most golf courses consist of 18 holes. There are golf courses with more or less holes. There are also golf courses like mini golf. Mini golf is a series of different holes set up. For instance, there might be a windmill you would have to shoot through or an area that bumps up and down or twists around for you to get your ball in the hole. Mini golf courses are very popular for kids and adults. Mini golf courses can be found at theme parks or your town or city might have their own mini golf course for you to enjoy.  

You may think golf is just a game hitting around a ball and hoping it goes into the hole, but its not. It is a very well played game. You have to have the right clubs to play. There are woods, putters, and irons for the different type of clubs. Irons are used for shorter puts. The wood club is used for longer shots, like from the fairway. Putters are mainly used on the green or when you are in a bunker. A bunker is like a sand pit. There are sand pits on almost every golf course, which makes the game more of a challenge when playing. There is also a water hazard as well. This is where you ball may land in the water and is very difficult to remove.

The difference between the fairway and the rough is the grass on the fairway is cut very short so the ball rolls smoothly towards the golf hole. With the rough, the grass is much longer and is much harder to hit.

The teeing ground is where the golfer hits the ball off a tee. A tee is a small wooden stake that goes into the ground; the ball sits right on the top of it for the golfer to tee off. The ground at the teeing ground is flat, so the golfer can hit the ball towards the hole.

Another area on the course is called the “Out of Bounds” area. This area is where construction by the greens keepers is going on. If a golfer hits their ball in the out of bounds area, they must remove the ball and place it just outside of the out of bounds area. By doing this, the golfer would not receive a penalty.