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There is no other activity as motivating as the most varied expectations and passions as sports. Someone said that sports come from a divine origin, bearing in mind that most people associate sports with the Greek Olympic Games, dating back to the year 776 BC.

In fact, the Olympic Games were developed as a religious tribute to Zeus, but the history of the sport is even more ancient. There are historic records from the year 4000 BC depicting sporting activities in China, as there are also numerous structures in Egypt that suggest the practice of different sports such as running, fishing, and swimming.

In ancient civilizations, emperors and pharaohs were entitled to practice sports. Later, wrestling, javelin, and high jump were introduced as sport activities and warriors and gladiators began to take an important role in sports, particularly in Persia and later in Ancient Greece.

Apart from the Olympic Games, Warrior battles remained as the most popular sports of the ancient world, in which there is evidence that refers to them in many European legends, including those of the Irish, Celtic and Tartaric groups. After the Greek village of Olympia was established, a new way of organized sports was born.

People from around the Peloponnesus attended the Olympic Games every four years, while new sporting disciplines were added to the celebration. Olympic traditions traveled to Rome, but all the ancient civilizations had their own space, time, and sporting activities as a complementary part of their culture.

As soon as Christianity defeated the Pagan beliefs, the Olympic Games came to an end that lasted for several centuries. Warrior battles remained not only as sports during the Middle Ages but as leisure activity between contenders. Horse riding and other sports evolved as individual disciplines from these battling activities.

The pass of the time brought many other sports that enriched the different civilizations around the world, many of them with millenarian sports traditions. It was not until the 19th century when sports had an increased popularity worldwide with the rebirth of the Greek Olympic Games after a group of German archaeologists discovered the ruins of Olympia.

If the modern Olympic Games contributed to encourage sports practicing in the early 20th century, the following decades witnessed the popularity of different sport games such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, and many others. Fast development of communication and technology make it easier to take sports to the home of hundreds, thousands, and millions of people eventually.

Radio and television contributed enormously to increase the popularity of many sports, while schools included sporting activities in curriculums for all grades. Sports, from a medical approach, also contribute to health and well-being of children and adults alike.

However, any sport that you can imagine has evolved accordingly with time evolution. Whether you like football, martial arts, cricket or poker, all the sports are also available through electronic means, whether as virtual reality on the Internet, distributed as video games or computerized games that requires more than physical effort, a brainstorm challenge. All is takes is to browse our directory to find the right path towards them.