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There is no human being that can stay away from society issues that surround us every day. In fact, the world is a reflex of modern societies inhabiting the different countries of our planet earth, but what does society really mean?

The dictionary defines society as the extended group of human beings having an economic organization, with a distinctive culture, although it is also recognized as social groups integrating a fashionable elite. We can define society as a circle integrated by different human groups, whether social clubs, companies, associations, and communities sharing the same space, activities and expectations with similar people.

Even though, those groups of people have different customs, conduct, and activities that make each society unique. These groups are as old as mankind, with a number of individuals living together under certain rules, developing means of subsistence and distinctive organization.

The English term "society" was coined during the 15th century after the French word société, a word of Latin roots defining the friendly association among individuals sharing the same culture, beliefs, and mutual interests.

As time went by, the study of different societies and their interaction derived into the social science, a discipline in charge of analyzing religious, spiritual, aesthetic, and cultural facts of the individuals belonging to the different social groups.

The word society, however, has been also used to define elite groups, exclusive clubs, and activities related to the rich and famous. Today, everybody has a personal definition of the word "society", a term so simple to say, but as complex to understand as the human being.

As an example, when it comes to talking about a Society of Friends, an individual may associate the term with a group of friends gathered to spend a pleasant time playing a poker hand. However, there are people who identify the term with the religious group founded by George Fox in the 17th century, the so-called Quakers.

This way, a royal society may refer to a modern charity endorsed by a socialite group, but the term also defines the Royal Society of London, founded in 1660. It is the historical, cultural, and social backgrounds of each group of individuals, which often define what society is.

In some cultures, society is a synonym of civilization; hence, every self-sufficient group of persons living together under common culture, traditions, and rules of conduct is considered a society group, especially in Africa, Asia, and islands in the Antarctic region.

In some other places, common languages identify different societies or dialects, while the global term, and encompasses all the different groups of individuals and organizations as the quintessential element to make the planet earth home to humankind.

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Beyond meaning and understanding, society is an opportunity to discover what is behind each of these groups, including countless networking activities and attitudes.