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No matter where you are in the world or the part of your country, chances are that you are interested in not only what is going on in your specific town our city, but also in the next town or city next to you. In this way it is said that you are connected by a regional section. There may be a local sect, then regional, and then national. Using the word "regional" is just another way to say that two or more people or two or more counties and cities are connected regionally.

There are plenty of reasons and ways that people get involved within the region that they live in. For example, if you are into sports, you may be in a specific region of teams that compete against each other. One perfect instance of this would be college basketball. There are different regions all across the United States and once one team is the champion of their region, they go on to compete regionally with the other teams of other regions.

Sports, however, is not the only example of how someone might be connected with their community regionally, though. Weather also connects different regions together through weather patterns and jet streams that affect different parts of the country. Florida and Texas are connected by their weather patterns because they are both warm in the South. The upper New England states like New Hampshire and Maryland are connected just by virtue that it is located in that part of the United States.

News also cuts across regional parts of the world also. What affects one part of the world may affect another part, for example, and create a chain reaction between two or more countries or two or more states. In history, the two World Wars is a good example to display. Not only was one country affected by the war, but so many were affected by the chain reaction of events that were put into motion. Another war that took place in one single country, but in many regions, was the great Civil War. The United States was essentially divided into two sections, or regions, at the time: the North and the South. These two regions within the United States were at war with each other, but combined in the end to help form one regional part of the world.

Although the previous examples are excellent examples of how a region or two or more countries are connected, many other happenings go on regionally as well. For example, you may be involved with a group that gathers together with other people that have the same interests as you. This may be such interests as cars, trucks, support groups, and even homeschooling families. All of these things create unity among the different people in different regions. It is a good way to socialize and to meet people that think and enjoy the same things as you do. Furthermore, when one thinks about the the way people are connected regionally, one must ponder the reason. In other words, unity must be the cause to join people from all across the world. Regional occurrences and events work together to create the harmony that is much needed in the world!