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The word "teen" is derived from the numbers between thirteen and nineteen which represents the age of adolescence, the transitional period from being a child to an adult. During this period, teens will undergo different forms of changes, both physically and psychologically, as they try to adjust themselves to the demands of adulthood.

The age of adolescence differs from culture to culture. To the Americans, teenage begins about 12 or 14 years of age and ends sometime around 19 or 20. However, the World Health Organization considers 10 to 19 as the standard age range that defines adolescence. If puberty is the mark of the beginning of teenage, the youngest teens in the world today can be as young as nine years old. In general, puberty starts earlier in recent years as compared to the past.

Puberty occurs when the hormonal balance of a child stabilizes into adult state, and as a result of this, the child develops secondary sexual characteristics. Girls usually experience puberty about one year earlier than boys, but it varies from individual to individual. There are certain factors that affect the age of puberty and they include the presence of good household, climatic conditions, food and cultural influences. In the past, teenagers reached puberty around 14 or 18 years of age and this gave them sufficient time to condition themselves psychologically and physically to adapt to the drastic changes of puberty. In the modern age, children have to confront the crucial issues of the developmental stage at a more tender age.

Due to the sudden changes teens have to undergo during adolescence, it is quite common that they will be shaken psychologically. In light of their sexual awakening, many teens develop a desire to experiment with sex. However, still with the minds of children, most of them are incapable of controlling their urges and this often result in teenage pregnancies and rape cases. Mostly, girls are the victim of these circumstances, and the fact that they are more sentimentally attached during sexual activities, they also have to deal with the possibilities of being hurt emotionally. Consequently, teenage suicides, depression and other forms of psychological disorders are also common among teens.

With more urges than emotional intelligence, many teenagers also resort to crime to satisfy their carnal desires. And a lot of the crimes committed are influenced by alcohol and drugs which are propagated by the media and culture. Adolescence is the age of experimentation and during this period, teens are more bent on trying out new things as means to �discover themselves�. The manner of upbringing also determines whether a teenager will be swayed by peer pressure or senseless trends against his or her own convictions. Usually those who are well grounded in religion and humanity will be more firm in the face of temptations.

Adolescence is a crucial age that will determine the sort of adult a teen will mature into. Therefore, it is important that proper guidance and compassion are administered to those within this age group as they undergo various moods of disillusionment. If well-guided, teenage can be a most meaningful period in the life of a human being.