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All over the world people enjoy games that they play. Even at this moment, someone somewhere or a family is gathering around a table playing a board game or a computer game.

Playing games has long been a center that a family can gather around and enjoy the quality time together. Whether playing Monopoly or Scrabble, games frequently are seen as a bonding time for many people. Romantic couples may even play games together to have more time with one another. Strip poker is a type of game that they may play to tease each other and tempt each other before diving into bed together. There are literally thousands of types of board games and card games that those who want to play have the option of playing. Card games, like poker, as mentioned above, has also been a large focus of gambling scenes. Casinos located in the United States and elsewhere use poker as a method for the types of games that it has. There are also many types of poker that can be played and one just has to do a simple search online or in a book to find out all the simple and difficult games that are written.

Aside from board games and card games, in today's world, real life games and reality television shows have taken a hold of everyone and have become a forefront not only on television but in people's lives, too. For example, Survivor is an example of a reality television show that was one of the first ones to show real people thrown together in an outrageous situation to see not only how they would interact with each other, but who would finish the game and become the ultimate survivor, or winner. Survivor is one of many of the reality television shows, however. Other reality television shows include The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and America's Next Top Model. All of those shows have shown people in their real lives competing against one another for the ultimate end.

These reality television shows could possibly fit into the category of game shows, although game shows are more thought of as ones, such as Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune has been around for many decades, and is even shown throughout the world in many countries in their own language. Other game shows that have been popular for many decades include The Price is Right also.

One reason why people enjoy playing on these television game shows may be the fact that it teases a person's mind and psyche. Television game shows and any games that are played for that matter, whether it be board games, card games, or made up games, all eventually result in winners and losers. They essentially do a small dance on a person's mind and emotions to create the feeling of exhilaration and adrenaline. This adrenaline gives them a rush that they want to experience over and over, thus leading to more times when they play any type of game. However, the reason doesn't matter for someone who has a love of games: the more a person plays, the higher the chance that he or she will play over and over again!