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Software is essential to run your computer or laptop. The main software you need is Windows or other operating systems that you prefer. You need this to run your computer. Thinking of a computer like your body, this software would be your brain. It is the heart of the whole system, telling every other part what to do. Then you would have audio and video software to setup. This runs your sound and graphics. Without these, you would have just plain old black and white and really bad sounding videos and songs.

Then there is software that will keep your computer bug free. What bug free means is many companies will ‘drop’ a piece of software onto your computer when you visit their site called a “cookie”. This enables them to know it is your computer visiting them. These are not the real bad bugs they are just tracking cookies. You need them to visit some sites. Others though, will take your personal information off your computer to use for their own purposes. These are the bad ones. These are the ones you want software to get rid of; therefore, companies have invented antivirus and spy ware removers.

These will remove them but you need to run it on a weekly basis. Many are setup to run on their own.

Next, you will need internet software. This will hook you up so you can surf the cyber world. They will also set up your e-mail for you if you do not use a web based one. These are usually provided for you from your internet service provider and they will walk you through it.

Ok, we now have an operating system and the internet, sound, and graphics set up. You will need to set up a few other things. If you are using your computer for work and you are into drawing and web design then you will probably want to add an image edition or photo editing program. This will enable you to make your projects with ease. In addition, if you are into taking digital pictures, these programs will download them off your camera for you and help you edit them.

If your job has you at your computer for eight or more hour’s days then you probably do not want to be on it when you are at home. However, if you are into gaming then you can set up an amazing system to play all your games. Whether online or by downloading them. You will have many options of software to install to make your gaming the best.

You can choose from thousands of different titles of software to download to your computer. You just have to be careful because if you are downloading off a peer program you can obtain many viruses and they can wreck everything you have just set up.

Software is personal in that each person can decide what types of items they wish to have their computer for gaming, work, or surfing. Choosing the various software programs can be fun and exciting as you can create your own virtual world that is yours and yours alone.