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Hardware is more important than software when it comes to the computer. You need the hardware to run the software for you. You will have a motherboard in your computer to start with, and then add a processor; this is the brain of your hardware. It will determine the speed and tells everything else what to do. You will be adding many things to this motherboard to get up and running on the cyberspace highway.

You will definitely want a lot of memory. We can never have enough of that, right. Ok many computers today can be upgraded to at least 1Gig. This will give you a lot of running power.

Then you will want storage. The more the merrier they say. Look in your manual and see what type and how big you can go. Some motherboards will only allow certain hard drives to be put in. Just like the memory.

Then there is the video card. You will want to make sure this is a high-end card. You want your pictures and videos to be sharp and crisp. If you will be using your computer for gaming then you will definitely want the best graphics available. Tell them you will be using it for gaming when you order it.

Then you will need to add an audio. This too should be a high-end one to make your sound impressive. Especially if your like most and have a surround sound set of speakers. Make your listening pleasure the best too.

Ok let us see, now we really have to get an Ethernet card. This card will enable you to get up and running the fastest. No more dialup. This can also be upgraded to wireless so you do not have to be stuck to a cable. You can go out on your porch, with a laptop of course, and surf the net. This is the best hardware device they have made so far.

Next, you will definitely want to get DVD rewriter drives. This will enable you to make your own DVD’s. You can use it to transfer pictures to and store them in addition to music files. You can record movies on them and watch when ever you want. Computer hardware today can be setup to where you can watch your TV right on the computer. Hook it up and you can burn your favorite shows right to DVD.

The monitor will have to be the best too. Many people prefer 17”, but you can go a big, as you want to. Some people have them hooked right up to their TV screen. That’s big! Makes watching movies the best.

As you can see, you can get almost anything you want to make your computing experience the best. You can buy a computer all set up or make one yourself with the right assistance. The price will vary from as little as $500 to as high as you’re willing to pay. One guy has a setup that cost him almost $10,000. Now he is into gaming and his television. The biggest and the best, he says. There is no end to it and technology is evolving everyday. You buy one thing this week and its outdated next week. That is how fast everything is moving these days.