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As technology is ever increasing in our world and our environment, one thing is definite: computers will never go away. Whether they are computers of the present time or computers of the future, mankind will always employ the use of this wonderful technology. There are many types of computers also. One may commonly think of the type of computer that is frequently used in the home. These computers are meant for domestic use, with the capability of being able to surf on the internet, along with other uses, such as typing up documents, letter heads, envelopes, or using one to create a term paper for a professor.

One of the other types of computers, however, involve computers that are seen in warehouses, factories, and large commercial and industrial settings. A computer might help a machine in a factory do its job, creating the product for the factory owner so that he or she does not have to hire as many manual laborers. The more computers a factory has means less money that it has to spend elsewhere to complete a job.

Computers can also be seen in vehicles. Although one doesn't normally think of a computer being in an automobile, computers have been used in them for a long time. The computer chips help the car know what to do, either putting the car in drive or knowing when something has gone wrong with the car. The computer inside the car lets us know when we need more gasoline or when we need more oil. It also tells us how many miles we've driven on any certain day.

As with all technology, computers usually are taken for granted. They are used in our daily lives, but when they intermittently fail us (and there's no doubt that they do sometimes), we fall into a panic mode and don't know what to do. Using this type of scenario definitely illustrates how society in general may be too computer dependent. Granted, computers are a gift and it seems as though everyone needs one nowadays for some reason or another. They're used to keep airports in order, to communicate with people overseas, and even the President of the United States and leaders of other countries use computers to help their countries. But the question and the debate will be forever on-going: is the world today becoming too computer dependent with all of the needs for computers?

But on the flip side of that question comes all of the benefits and greatness that we can see has come from computers. Not only do we use them for the routine things everyday, but we also use them for many types of businesses. Some businesses, no doubt, would fail without computers. And not only that, but computers have stood the test of time as well. Many people might recall the Y2K hoax that everyone feared that all computers would shut down worldwide. But did the computers end up crashing to the ground? Certainly not! Computers are still here today and should be praised for all the work that they do!