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Financial Services

Financial Services and finances are terms for all your money needs. There are different types such as CD’s, where you put your money into a bank and it has to stay for so many years while it draws interest for you. There are ones called an IRA. This is for your retirement. So much of your paycheck can go to it to earn interest. You will receive this when you retire. There is another called a 401K. Many have this through their job. Then the company will match it once a year. There are financial planners that will plan your money needs for you, as well. They can budget your money to pay your bills, vacations, and your retirement for you. Depending on the service you choose, you can also have money set aside for a vacation once a year.

There are different ways to earn money on your finances that are a bit riskier. For example, many people dabble in the stock market. They buy and sell stocks every day. Others do it once a month or a few times a year. This is a risk because it may go up or down and no one knows. If you invest a lot of money and they go down then you lose your investment. If it goes up then you have made a profit. You can have a company handle this for you as well. However, then you are paying them a fee to invest your money.

Many different banks are popping up all over. There are private banks, these banks usually only cater to the wealthy. If you are a millionaire then they are your best bet. The investment banks, invest the money you deposit to help others with their investments. Banks are just that a bank to deal your money around in their own company.

Credit cards and debit cards are other forms to deal out your finances. Credit cards give you a balance of “credit” that you can use to purchase items with and then they charge you a fee along with interest every month to pay that balance back. Their interest rates can be very high. Debit cards are usually attached to your checking account. When you make a purchase at a store, you just give them your card instead of writing a check. Then you can swipe it in a little machine and punch in a pin number. These cards can also be used to purchase items online so you can always buy something no matter where you are. Many people get into trouble with credit cards because they receive them in the mail all the time and just keep spending and spending. This is where they need to set a limit. You have to be careful when they come in the mail in your child’s name because many children do not comprehend that they have to pay this money back they think it is free money. That is how the parents are held liable for it because they are underage.

You can now pay all your bills online. Most of the banks now have their own websites and try to put all their options online to make things easier for their customers.

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