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When people often talk about the arts, what comes to mind in any individual is usually the performing arts. However, there are many types of arts in the world and the performing arts are not the only one. Granted, the performing arts is a beautiful example of how talent shines through in mankind, and can be seen in many shapes and forms. For example, Broadway musicals and plays are an excellent example of how the arts are performed. Famous Broadway musicals like "Cats" or "Jekyll and Hyde" are two of the many musicals that one might think of when the word Broadway or musicals comes to mind. There are also smaller, more private stages throughout the world that do copies of Broadway plays and even invent their own. In addition to musicals and plays, the opera and orchestra are also included in the performing arts section. The performing arts section, like a famous opera or orchestra like, Beethoven's Symphony, or a more modern group like the Trans Siberian Orchestra, are included because people all over the world enjoy the music and sounds that they put together.

The performing arts is not the only genre that is discussed when talking about the arts in general, however. There are many others, including visual arts. The visual arts are often seen in famous museums and other places that hold great pieces of art. Many national museums are located all throughout the United States and all over the world. A few museums that house historic works of paintings and galleries are all throughout the world also, including Japan, Spain, France, and many other countries as well. Visual arts also include sculptures and freestanding art. The Pieta by Michelangelo is only one example of a famous visual art, but certainly not the only one.

Other forms of at that one might not think of at first would be more contemporary forms, like yoga and martial arts. Although martial arts has been a long held tradition throughout many cultures that display the art of body movement, yoga is one that has more recently developed and become popular. People use yoga in their daily lives not only for body strength and to use in different exercise programs, but they also use it in order to relax and gain inner spiritual strength.

All in all, everyone all over the world enjoys seeing the arts performed as well as performing them on their own. Many people even use the arts as a career form. For example, visual artists use their talent to create paintings and murals to sell. Others use their talent in the area of singing or making use of an instrument to become a rock star or a famous singer. However, some donate their talent to create objects, like blankets or paintings, for the enjoyment of other people. There are plenty of uses for the arts in our daily lives and one just has to stop and ponder all the wonders that the different art genres provide for everyone in the world!